Personal Injury

No one should suffer because of the negligence of another.  Unfortunately,  injuries from a motor vehicle accident or poorly maintained properties can affect even the healthiest of us for months or even years.  Injuries from these accidents can affect your ability to perform your job, spend time with your family, and impact your day-to-day decisions.

A personal injury claim is not about seeking a handout.  Rather, it is about acknowledging how your life has been dramatically affected by your circumstances.

You don't have to deal with the insurance companies on your own and should never sign any documentation without first consulting with a licensed attorney.


Few things are as frightening as a medical condition so severe that it prevents you from working. You can suddenly be faced with mounting unpaid medical bills and the inability to provide for your family.  Unfortunately, this puts many in a position where they feel obligated to continue working through the pain-- often exacerbating their condition.
Those suffering from dibilitating conditions may qualify for short-term or long-term disability benefits through their employer.  In addition, anyone who is disabled should considering filing for Social Security Disability benefits.  The processes for both private and public disability application can be confusing, and you may often find that the system is stacked against you.
Do not be overwhelmed if your initial application for benefits is denied.  A qualified attorney can walk you through the application and appeal process and ease the frustration of trying to handle it alone.  Call today to discuss how you may qualify for benefit programs.

Criminal Defense

All criminal charges require serious attention.  Even convictions that do not result in jail time can have permanent effects on your ability to obtain employment, drive a vehicle, obtain child custody, and own a firearm.  No one should ever attempt to handle a criminal prosecution without an attorney.  Often, the system can be unforgiving without an advocate in your corner.
Stephen has experience representing those charged with DUI, drug offenses, assault, firearm possession, and homicide.  He can work with you to explain the process and help determine what is in your best interest at each phase of your case. 
Recently convicted?  Stephen dedicates much of his practice to representing individuals in direct appeals to the Superior Court and Supreme Court of Pennsylvania as well as proceedings under the Post Conviction Relief Act.  There is often a brief window to file an appeal and time is of the essence to ensure that your rights are protected.  Don't wait to call for a free consultation.

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